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How We Reached Record Sales During Our 25th Anniversary Year


Juice It Up! is proud to report that we’ve achieved record sales in 2020, with Same Store Sales (SSS) up almost 15% over 2019. Remarkably, SSS exploded during the second half of 2020, growing 28% over the last six months of the year.

Chris Britt and Ed St. Geme, owners and co-Chairman of Juice It Up! shared, “We were most excited to see our franchisees’ Average Unit Volume (AUV) grow by leaps and bounds in 2020, with the top 50% of stores reaching and average of $600,000 in AUV and the top 25% reaching nearly $700,000. Helping our franchisees grow AUV has been at the top of our list since we acquired the brand in 2018.”

Despite the necessary restrictions placed on restaurants and communities due to the pandemic, our 25th anniversary year brought us tremendous growth on all fronts. The strong growth that our franchise system enjoyed in 2020 is a great testament to Juice It Up!’s resilient franchisees, our proven model of success, our loyal fanbase, and new guests who are making health and wellness a priority for themselves and their families.

“We are extremely proud of our franchisees who rose to every challenge in 2020 and embraced new ways to serve our guests the products they depend on to feel good throughout their day,” said Susan Taylor, CEO of Juice It Up! “Even during a pandemic, our discerning customers count on Juice It Up! to deliver on consistency and convenience, so we set to work on finding ways to make it easier than ever to get Juice It Up! into the hands of our guests.”

We Reached a 15% SSS Growth Over 2019

But, how did this happen during such an unprecedented time? Several factors contributed to our success in 2020 including our enhanced digital marketing programs, the successful launch of our brand’s updated mobile app with “skip-the-line” order-ahead functionality, new rewards and perks for loyalty members, and significantly expanded third-party delivery options so fans can enjoy their favorite blends without leaving their home or workplace.

The rollout of our new app allowed us to welcome thousands of new loyalty members. In fact, in this past year, we were able to double the number of our loyalty club members. With 40% of loyalty member transactions placed via the mobile app, we’re excited to continue exploring new opportunities for our fans using this new tool!

Product innovation was also at the forefront in 2020 as weexpanded our healthy juice shots line and portfolio of immunity-boosting ingredients and beverages, continuing our mission of making nutritious options easily accessible to communities all over the country.

With contactless delivery and pick-up becoming a norm, our team quickly implemented enhanced in-store health and safety protocols at the outset of the pandemic,including tamper free packaging on delivery, while also successfully launching curbside pickup to complement the launch of our order ahead mobile app

On the development front, our ownership and franchise leadership team finalized a fresh and new store design which was unveiled at the new corporate-owned Costa Mesa, Calif. flagship location over the summer, followed by a new franchised location with a new look in Rialto, Calif. Franchise system support was ramped up during the year, including royalty and marketing fee abatement for seven weeks in March and April. The royalty and marketing fee relief that we created was just the support our franchisees needed to survive the initial uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, ultimately providing the strongest of foundations for our system to thrive through the balance of 2020 and beyond.

Additionally, we were able to expand and strengthen our leadership and franchise support team with the promotion of Susan Taylor to President and CEO, the appointment of longtime Jamba executive Carlo Verdugo as Director of Operations & Business Development, and the hiring of multiple professionals in social media and guest relations.

What’s Next?

As the brand moves into 2021, we’re expecting to open eight to ten new franchised locations in California and other western states. We’re also looking to continue to advance our remodeling program, by updating existing stores to our refreshed store design. Our leadership team has also identified several attractive trade areas throughout the western region, and real estate opportunities are abundant due to the unfortunate impact on restaurants from the pandemic.

Susan Taylor also shared, “The exceptional results achieved during this highly competitive year proves that the demand for healthier food options is on the rise with no signs of slowing down. Now more than ever, with the brand’s momentum and sales growth at record highs, Juice It Up! is looking to identify new franchise partners who are ready to take advantage of the many unique opportunities that are now presenting themselves.”

With so many things to look forward to in 2021 and beyond, there has never been a better time to begin exploring your franchise opportunities in the smoothie, acai and superfruit bowl, and raw juice sector.

When you’re ready to blend up delicious and nutritious flavors for your local community, be sure to give our team a call at (949) 475-0146 or contact us online to learn about our current opportunities.