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The Secret Behind Our Recent Rebrand? Social Media.


It’s never quiet in the Juice It Up! world! Recently, our own Natalie Eaglin was interviewed for a new article in QSR Magazine. Eaglin, Juice It Up!’s vice president of marketing, was able to share with QSR’s readers about our recent changes, and what exactly was the key to our recent brand upgrades.

Earlier this year, in honor of our 25th anniversary, our Southern California brand, Juice It Up! introduced a refreshed logo, color palette, and branding. Utilizing our new branding, a new flagship prototype was opened in August 2020 in Costa Mesa, California featuring a pick-up counter for guests and third-party delivery carriers, and fresh seating choices, our prototype store will be the standard for future franchise locations.

When it comes to redefining what Juice It Up! looks like, we had one thing at the forefront of our minds: how guests would share our products online. “There are new things popping up left and right, it’s really important to continue to stay relevant and keep up with the ever-changing times as it relates to social media,” Eaglin shared with QSR.

While attempting to extend our social media marketing beyond simply posting pictures of our delicious menu options, our lifestyle brand mentality has shaped the new look that is going to take us well beyond 2020 and 2021. We continue to cultivate a following we like to call our, “ambassadors of healthful living.”

With these new colors, we’ve put a focus on rebranding ourselves to be easily shareable by our guests. From picking up their order to enjoying their juice post-work-out, COVID-19 has not slowed down the amount of sharing our community is doing online nor their sales of immunity-boosting options. Naturally vibrant and picture-perfect, our share-worthy products continue to be a driving force in our growth.

Juice It Up! is excited to continue pushing forward well into 2021 with our new brand, social media focus, and the same commitment to helping you live a healthy lifestyle. If you’re searching for a new franchise opportunity via a renowned smoothie and juice bar foodservice brand, visit us online to learn about our current available markets.

Searching for new franchise opportunities in your community? Give us a call at (949) 475-0146 or contact us online today to learn more about our available franchise opportunities!