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Juice It Up! Expands Its Immunity-Boosting Product Lineup


We are excited to share with you that we’ve been thinking up new ways to continue our dedication to making it easier than ever for guests to identify the most nutrient-packed products for a natural immunity boost.

“Juice It Up! is committed to supporting our guests’ active and healthy lifestyle year-round, but we recognize that right now the public may be more interested to know about the products and ingredients that can naturally strengthen the immune system,” said Chris Braun, Juice It Up! CEO. “To take the guesswork out of it, we’ve curated a list of our most nutrient-dense menu options, which includes the return of two antioxidant powerhouses, the Superfruit Sunrise® Smoothie and the Mighty-C Immunity Shot.”

Put simply, we desire to be ambassadors of healthier living. From our hand-crafted smoothies and bowls to our raw juice blends and our health‐conscious grab-n-go snacks, our pledge remains the same: to be a servant leader in developing and providing tasty smoothies, juices and superfruit bowls that help create a healthier world for our guests, families and the communities we serve.

Our New Immunity-Boosting Lineup

Head of Food Science at Juice It Up!, Noah Burgess, commented, “For 25 years, we have been vigilant about nutritional education and focusing on what matters most to our guests. Whether our customers are interested in immunity, protein, fiber, or any of the many nutritional gains, we are proud to offer some of the most functional products in the highly competitive raw juice and smoothie segment.”

To round out our lineup of highly functional products, we have brought back two antioxidant powerhouses, the Superfruit Sunrise® Smoothie and the Mighty-C Immunity Shot.

We are proud to introduce you to our new immunity-boosting lineup:

  • NEW Limited-Time Offers
    • Superfruit Sunrise® Smoothie
    • Mighty-C Immunity Shot
  • Fresh Raw Juices
    • Immunizer®
    • Optimizer®
    • Detoxifier
    • Invigorator
  • Fresh-Pressed Shots
    • Raw Ginger and Wheatgrass
  • Blended Juices
    • The Turmeric
    • The Reds
    • The Greens
  • New Suja Shots and Bottled Juices
    • Ginger Love, Mighty Dozen, Sweet Beets
    • Digestion Shot, Immunity Defense Shot
  • Classic Smoothies
    • Ever Green®
    • Chili Lime Mango
  • Boosts
    • Make It Green
    • Probiotic Boost

The Superfruit Sunrise® Smoothie

The immune-boosting Superfruit Sunrise® Smoothie is truly our most vitamin C-packed product ever, boasting 810% of the recommended daily value! Found in Brazil, the star of the Superfruit Sunrise® is acerola, a nutritionally dense berry with more than 10x the vitamin C of an orange, known to boost immunity, aid in heart and eye health and regulate digestion.

The Superfruit Sunrise® Smoothie, a refreshing blend of acerola, fresh ginger, ripe banana, orange and passion fruit juice, and tangy pineapple, is formulated to energize the body and senses. Although a specialty smoothie, the Superfruit Sunrise® will be available as part of the BOGO Classic Smoothie Tuesdays for Juice It Up! Rewards® members through May.

The Mighty-C Immunity Shot

For an extra dose of antioxidants, the Mighty-C Immunity Shot is a powerful add-on to any raw juice, smoothie or bowl, and features an uplifting blend of raw ingredients, including pineapple, ginger, red grapes, and lemon juice. This shot is loaded with enzymes that help your body digest and absorb protein.

Between May 4 and May 10, we are offering a Juice It Up! Rewards® Member Exclusive of a free 1-ounce Mighty-C Immunity Shot with the purchase of any Juice, Smoothie, or Bowl. All Juice It Up! products are available via carryout, curbside pickup, and third-party delivery through DoorDash and Postmates.