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CEO Chris Braun Speaks at Franchise Times Conference


Why Juice It Up! continues to grow as a top smoothie, superfruit bowl and fresh juice franchise in a booming market segment

CEO Chris Braun speaking at conference

Juice It Up! started out 25 years ago as a franchise that focused primarily on smoothies. We perfected our product lines to include hand-crafted functional smoothies, raw and blended fresh juices and quickly earned new customers with our superfruit bowls. Today, we enjoy the enviable position as a healthier QSR brand offering fantastic functional foods that are as tasty as they are good for you.

“We are still striving to be the top smoothie franchise in Southern California,” Chris Braun said recently at the 2019 Franchise Times Finance & Growth Conference. “Although smoothies are our legacy product, they have evolved greatly from our signature Strawberry Wave smoothie. Our current menu offers a wide range of ‘functional’ products with carefully curated ingredients to meet specific health objectives and dietary needs such as protein-rich, vegan, keto, pre- or post-athletic activity enhancement, pregnancy, weight loss, immunity boost and more. Our superfruit bowls have grown to be an important component of our business while fresh juices and raw juice blends remain perennially popular.”

Marcus Skinner, Vice President of Operations, provided information surrounding the logistics and support offered by his team to franchisees. He stressed that Juice It Up! is both a lifestyle and an entrepreneurial opportunity. As a healthy lifestyle brand, it’s important that your passion align with ours. We believe everyone should have access to healthy, fresh, convenient meal and snack options. Juice It Up!’s handcrafted smoothies, fresh juices and superfruit bowls work as well for ultra-marathoners as they do for busy moms and their kids.

Our growth strategy

Juice It Up! was founded in Southern California and it’s where we maintain our strongest presence. Our growth is concentrated in California and adjoining states, with a particular emphasis on the many health-conscious neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area. We are also experiencing growth in Texas, Florida and New Mexico, with area development territories available throughout the United States.

We see this intersection of consumer demand and Juice It Up! offering as a great opportunity for the right entrepreneur as consumers from coast-to-coast demand healthier products to complement healthier lifestyles that have quickly become a way of life rather than a trend throughout the United States.

“There are a lot of expansion opportunities in the greater Los Angeles area in neighborhoods that have the population density and the disposable income that we look for in our ideal locations,” Braun says. “The same is true for other metro and suburban areas throughout our expanding service footprint.”

The ideal candidate will have a minimum net worth of $300,000 and a minimum liquidity of $100,000. We have franchise opportunities available for both single- and multi-unit developers.

Good for community and the bottom line

Juice It Up! offers simplified operations with plug-and-play support. That includes real estate, site selection, store construction, training, Grand Opening and continued ongoing support. Our build-out costs are relatively low with numerous opportunities to grow in new markets in and outside the Los Angeles.

Our franchisees are passionate about living healthier lifestyles and sharing that passion with others, using their positions as Juice It Up! owners to partner with schools and other organizations to cater after-school functions, charity runs, help stock local food banks and more. That gives franchise owners the opportunity to do well while doing good, spreading the word about Juice It Up! along each step of the way, contributing to even stronger community bonds within the communities they serve.

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