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Juice It Up! Featured in Flavor & The Menu


Our functional smoothie, fresh juice and superfruit bowl franchise prizes menu innovation, which drives customer traffic and helps franchisees improve the bottom line.

Every time a customer dips a spoon into a refreshing açaí or other superfruit bowl or sips on a hand-blended green juice or delicious functional smoothie, they are experiencing the work of Research and Development Food Scientist Noah Burgess and his team.

Noah’s work is one of the top reasons Juice It Up! franchisees are confident in their answers when customers want to know what’s best for a pregnant mom who needs more energy or a weightlifter who wants to power her workouts. The R&D team makes sure solid functional nutrition and super-fresh taste are packed in every menu item.

It was exciting to learn we were featured prominently in the Flavor & The Menu Best of Flavor issue, their most sought-after issue of the year.

Not only did we enjoy the honor of our Chili Lime Mango Smoothie being highlighted at No. 74 on a list of 125 items from across the nation, we were also included in the introductory paragraphs for the entire Best of Flavor 2019 ranking, where they discuss the food industry’s creative uses of chilies in surprising applications. “For example, you’ll see a creative use of chilies throughout, indicating the continued interest in a spicy kick to enliven flavors and entice craveability in surprising applications (see Juice It Up!’s Chili Lime Mango Smoothie),” the magazine wrote.

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Flavor & The Menu is a specialty publication that focuses on flavor and menu development as it relates to all areas of food service, and its annual Best of Flavor issue puts the spotlight on brands that are pushing the flavor profile envelope and leading the way in new trends.

The ranking of our Chili Lime Mango Smoothie reads:

“The combination of sweet with heat holds the attention of more and more consumers today, who seek out complexity, depth and a touch of intrigue. Juice It Up!, a raw juice and smoothie bar, invested in that combination, coming up with a limited time offering (LTO) last summer called the Chili Lime Mango Smoothies, a refreshing blend of sweet mango, citrus (orange/lemon), chili-lime salt and fresh ginger.”

“First and foremost, the fresh mango combines with the layers of orange and lemon citrus flavors hit the palate with a tangy sweet note,” said Juice It up! Nutritionist and R&D Scientist Noah Burgess. “Then the slight heat of the chili-lime salt and spicy ginger create a flavor profile that is sweet, refreshing and has a nice zing.”

He describes the smoothie as the most unique flavor profile on the menu. The LTO performed so well, it’s now a fixture on the regular menu. “I think it is a hit because guests are always looking for new, craveable menu items they can’t find anywhere else,” he says. “With our locations being predominantly in Southern California, this smoothie in particular really appeals to our Hispanic customer base.”

Bold flavors, bold brand direction

The Chili Lime Mango Smoothie was part of last summer’s LTOs but reflects the continuation of work we’ve been doing to tweak our menu. CEO Chris Braun talked about the changes in both menu and store design earlier this year. Juice It Up! is bringing innovation that includes banquet seating, high-top tables and better merchandising to highlight a more functional line of snacks and healthy product combinations. We’ve added a reach-in cooler by the point-of-sale system to improve sales of bottled juices, cold brew coffee, organic energy drinks, bottled waters and other refrigerated snack items.

Most importantly, Braun noted, “We’re actually able to take and utilize this footprint in little as 850 square feet. That allows us to be more flexible in the kinds of locations franchisees can lease. And the benefit for existing franchisees is that the remodeling costs are lower.”

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