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Our Latest LTO's Are Driving Sales


We have the edge over other superfruit bowl franchises by staying ahead of nutrition trends and being first to market

Juice It Up! franchise continually strives to meet consumer demands while staying ahead of the competition. Example: We were first to market back in the 1990s with açaí, and this summer we’re the first major smoothie and superfruit bowl chain to introduce another Amazonian superfruit to our menu: acerola.

Acerola is the new powerhouse ingredient in our Superfruit Sunrise Smoothie and Bowl, on menus through Aug. 30. The immune-boosting Superfruit Sunrise is Juice It Up’s most Vitamin-C packed LTO yet, with over 10x more Vitamin C than an orange — that’s 810% of your recommended daily value!

“Since opening our doors nearly 25 years ago, Juice It Up! has been shining the spotlight on its many functional products and ingredients, helping our discerning guests make educated menu selections based on their personal fitness and wellness goals and taste preferences,” says Chris Braun, Juice It Up! CEO. “Acerola joins our growing lineup of superfruits and superfoods, alongside açaí,pitaya, spirulina and other healthful ingredients, allowing guests to customize their bowls and smoothies to meet their personal health levels and wellness goals.”new ingredient acerola

About the Superfruit Sunrise

The Superfruit Sunrise is a refreshing blend of acerola, fresh ginger, orange juice, ripe banana, passion fruit juice and tangy pineapple that will energize the body and senses. It’s available as a satisfying smoothie or a delicious meal replacement in the form of a hearty superfruit smoothie bowl, topped with the guest’s choice of more than a dozen nutritious toppings.

Juice It Up!’s full-time nutritionist and innovation team are always hard at work researching the most beneficial ingredients and dreaming up new products that not only taste great but also support guests’ healthy, active lifestyles.

Among its many health benefits, acerola is known to boost immunity, aid in heart and eye health and regulate digestion. The Superfruit Sunrise also caters to a variety of dietary lifestyles and limitations including vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.

Available through Aug. 30, the Superfruit Sunrise will be featured on Juice It Up!’s menu alongside fresh-squeezed raw juices, blended-to-order real fruit and veggie smoothies, and nutrient-rich bowls loaded with superfood ingredients such as acai, pitaya, spirulina and collagen.

The LTO strategy

Limited-time offerings, also known as LTOs, are a proven strategy that helps drive foot traffic to our stores. Our juices, smoothies and bowls are all customizable, too, so guests can try something new and familiar at the same time. LTOs like the Superfruit Sunrise entice loyal brand fans and new customers alike. It’s especially exciting when the featured ingredient is a superstar superfruit like acerola, which is generating a lot of buzz.

Guests love our convenient and delicious array of juices, smoothies and bowls, all backed by solid nutrition science. They come in looking for something healthy, and they leave with something that tastes great and makes them feel better.

“And while what you eat should taste great,” says Braun, “at Juice It Up! we believe it should also serve you nutritionally, which is why we design every product with equal parts flavor and function in mind. We’re proud to be the first chain of our size to offer guests this unique superfruit that is jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants.”

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