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How Juice It Up! Stays Ahead of the Pack


Juice and smoothie customers seek out nutrition to complement their lifestyles. Our delicious recipes are steeped in nutritional science.

When customers come to a juice or smoothie franchise, they typically have two questions:

  1. What tastes great?
  2. What fits my health goals?

Juice It Up! stands out from competitors by excelling at meeting both of these customer needs. Our advantage comes from a menu development process that is steeped in nutrition and food science. We not only understand how our juices and smoothies feel on the tongue — we understand how the nutrients feel in the body.

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Our R&D approach

Leading our menu development efforts is Noah Burgess, who grew up in Hawaii, surfing and enjoying the tropical fruits in his own backyard. Before joining Juice It Up!, he earned a degree in human nutrition and food science from Cal Poly Pomona — learning about digestion, nutrient absorption, metabolism and the effects of various macronutrients and micronutrients on health and disease prevention.

As Burgess is designing new menu items for Juice It Up! franchisees, he considers four factors:

  1. Profitability (margins)
  2. Taste
  3. Nutrition
  4. Operational execution (speed of service and consistency)

Profitability is obviously key for franchisees. So is taste, since it doesn’t matter how healthy something is if nobody will drink it (broccoli smoothie, anyone?).

The final piece — nutrition — is more subtle, but critical.

Customers frequently ask franchisees which menu item is best for weight loss, for building muscle, for fueling a morning run — or for recovery immediately after the run.

“One of the benefits I saw with opening a Juice It Up! franchise as opposed to opening a juice and smoothie business on my own was the recipes themselves,” says Brooklynn Lorenzen, who owns the Juice It Up! smoothie franchise in Hillsboro, OR. “Our food scientist, Noah, is awesome. I hit him up for nutritional info anytime I need to.

“I want to be able to answer the questions about nutrition we have from customers, and I don’t want to mislead them.”

noah burgess and chris braun

Building trust = building repeat business

While fresh juice and smoothies enjoy mainstream appeal, our best and most frequent customers incorporate us into their daily routines because of the nutrition benefits.

By designing menu items with nutrition in mind — and by educating franchisees about the nutritional benefits of the items on the menu — Juice It Up! franchisees are able to build strong bonds of customer trust, which translate into strong customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth within the health community.

Learn more about Juice It Up!

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