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Advantages of Juice It Up! Ownership


Owners of our smoothie, bowl and juice franchises help people live healthier lives while building a profitable business

Juice It Up! franchisees are passionate about living healthy lifestyles and helping others do the same. That’s why many of our customers eventually explore owning juice franchises: They love the difference Juice It Up! made in their lives and they want to spread the joy.

As business owners, they get to experience new benefits of being part of the Juice It Up! family. Our juice franchises use a proven business model that offers several advantages to entrepreneurs. Here’s a look at some fundamentals that make Juice It Up! a great business to own

acai bowl

Low costs, strong margins

Bowl, smoothie and juice margins are strong. While prices do vary on the fresh fruits and vegetables we use in our products, our experienced leadership team is able to form strong relationships with third-party vendors, negotiate for the lowest prices possible and pass the savings along to our franchisees.

Our small footprint also reduces commercial lease costs. Our juice and smoothie franchise fits neatly into the footprint of most inline real estate locations. This gives you maximum flexibility for choosing and negotiating locations. We’ve adjusted our minimum square footage on our latest store design, allowing Juice It Up! to fit into a location as small as 800 square feet (previously, our smallest locations were around 1,000 square feet at a minimum).

Happy business

One of the great pluses to running a Juice It Up! franchise is that it’s a happy business. You’re not dealing with people fixing their cars or treating toothaches; you’re working all day with people who are striving to live healthier, more vibrant lives.

A customer coming in for a smoothie bowl or a juice is already in a good mood because they’re doing something good for themselves. And they’re sure to leave even happier. Juice It Up! has a great vibe, and our team members are trained to help perpetuate an upbeat, fun working environment.

We provide nutritional guides for every item on our menu — not just calorie counts, but also a look at the macronutrients and micronutrients of the ingredients and how they can support various lifestyle goals. We make our nutritional expertise available to every member of your team, which allows them to support customers and win customer loyalty.

Simple operations, easier staffing

Speaking of staff, you’ll be pleased to see how remarkably simple it is to manage a Juice It Up! compared to running a full-service restaurant. Training is easy. Since everything is fresh or frozen and no cooking is required, you don’t have to train a chef. These factors mean you are able to hire entry-level workers, get them up to speed, and are likely to retain them for longer periods. Staffing needs are also minimal, keeping labor costs low.

Strong franchisor-franchisee relationships

Juice It Up! is still a medium-sized franchise, which creates two advantages. First, we have a lot of great territory available, with plenty of room for multi-unit franchisees to expand. Secondly, our leadership team is accessible and available for franchisees to tap.

franchisee rasna arora

Multi-unit owner Rasna Arora of Santa Clarita, CA, loves the ongoing support she can count on from Juice It Up!’s corporate headquarters. “Ever since I’ve been in this Juice It Up! franchise, any time I’ve asked for their help, the team will work on it. They’ll give me all the materials that I can share on social media. Any time I have an operational issue, they’re there,” Arora says.

“Sometimes I’ve asked them to come up to my store and give more insightful information to the employees as to why this brand is important, why cleanliness is important. They are always there.”

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