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The Economics of Juicing, Bowls and Smoothies (And How to Cash In)


From açaí bowl franchises to juice bar industries and smoothie businesses, healthy lifestyle franchises like Juice It Up! are positioned to win

There’s a lot of green in the juice business, and not just from wheat grass. The juice bar industry, which encompasses everything from mom-and-pop juiceries to açaí bowl franchises and all the smoothie and juice places in between, is booming. More and more people are starting to understand the benefits of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into their daily diet, and that is creating an incredible opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs.

People who juice tend to be very regular customers. They are changing their lifestyles for the better, incorporating juicing and smoothies into their diets. Juice It Up! makes it easy, convenient and delicious. The same is true of smoothie fanatics and bowl customers. As a Juice It Up! franchise owner, you’ll develop close bonds with your regular customers – whether they’re die-hard juice fans or smoothie and bowl customers – each category fans who will eagerly help spread the word about how Juice It Up! supports active, healthy lifestyles.

Juicing is part of trending wellness

The wellness industry overall, of which juicing, smoothies and bowls are a part, is a thriving $4.2 trillion industry. According to the Global Wellness Summit’s report on wellness trends, “For generations, kitchens have been places where we store dead food in dark cupboards that would be consumed months, or even years, later. However, the old eating and lifestyle habits of the 1950s are history, and today more people want to eat living, healthy, organic food.” Swapping out processed foods for fresh fruits and vegetables is a trend that’s here to stay.

Juice It Up!’s offerings are made to order from the highest quality ingredients procured from reputable growers and distributors in Southern California, where we’re based. We educate each of our team members on the nutritional benefits of our ingredients as well as our finished products. We employ a food scientist full-time to help develop our products.
Our renewed focus this year is centered around our fresh-pressed raw juices, our fruit and vegetable smoothies and our açaí and pitaya and other super-nutrient bowls. “We are spending a lot of time expanding smoothies, juices and bowl categories and the delicious and nutritious product offering within each of those categories,” President and CEO Chris Braun told Franchising Today recently. “We have a food scientist working around the clock looking at innovative and healthful ingredients and delicious flavor profiles.”

green juice in hand

Cashing in on juices, bowls and smoothies

Our brand is particularly well-positioned within the $2.2 billion juice industry because we’ve been around so long. Since 1995, we’ve been crafting our bowls, smoothies and juices for people and communities interested in healthy lifestyles. We don’t require that our franchise owners be paragons of perfect health or even that they have restaurant experience; we just want driven entrepreneurs who share our passion for living healthier themselves while promoting a fresher lifestyle for the communities they serve.

Juice It Up! offers an efficient, flexible store footprint that allows you to minimize rent and building costs and scale up more quickly if desired. We’re seeking both multi-unit and individual operators.

With our 20-plus years of experience in this industry, we have a competitive edge over some of the newer açaí bowl franchises and related businesses that are just now jumping on the bandwagon. Juice It Up! is dedicated to beefing up franchisee support this year, and we also have an edge thanks to our brand name recognition.

The juice and smoothie industry is a stable and growing business, not a fly-by-night fad. Joining Juice It Up! allows you to take advantage of our brand strength and loyal customer base, building your business more quickly based on our proven business model.

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