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How We Support First-Time Business Owners


Our juice and smoothie franchise offers support to experienced foodservice franchisees and first-time business owners alike

What if we told you, “When you buy our juice and smoothie franchise, you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself”? Would you feel supported? Or would you wonder, since virtually every franchise out there tells you the same thing, whether we can back that up with something concrete?

There’s no need to wonder. At Juice It Up!, we’ve got the building blocks of support to help you build a strong foundation for your business. Your mission is to provide customers with fresh and delicious juices, smoothies and bowls; our mission is to support you every way we can. We want every franchise owner to feel like they can call, text or email anytime they have a question, confident that they’ll be able to reach someone on our corporate team who can help.

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From HR to operations

Sylvia Quirino of Rialto, CA, opened her Juice It Up! with husband John Davis in June 2017. The pair were already experienced food franchisees, but Quirino found challenges unique to her juice and smoothie business that required help. She soon discovered that the Juice It Up! team is always swift to come to the rescue.

“I already have the experience of how to take care of most things, but the support I get from them on things like POS systems is great. If I call them, they’ll help me. I had a problem with a supplier once, and they got in there, contacted the supplier and fixed the issue.”

Franchise owner Amar Patel loves the resources he’s found through our corporate office.

Amar Patel franchisee

“The support I get from corporate has been very helpful,” he says. “If I ever need help training a new manager at my store, there’s always available options to send someone down to corporate to get that professional training. As far as other areas, if we have operational issues or questions, that’s another big way Juice It Up! supports us. They always have people available to help us out.”

Our marketing helps your bottom line

Rasna Arora, a multi-unit owner in Southern California since 2013, has found franchisee support she can rely on since Day 1, and she’s especially fond of the breadth of marketing expertise.

Rasna Arora franchisee“Ever since I’ve been in this Juice It Up! franchise, anytime I’ve asked for their help in terms of, ‘Okay. I need these new marketing materials. Can I get it?’ They will work on it. They’ll give me all the materials that I can share on social media.”

Patel, who owns the Juice It Up! In Chino, CA, has had a similar experience. “If I need help with marketing support or materials, they have a lot of templates and digital files available for franchisees to use to help in our local store marketing efforts,” he says.

Need answers? We’re always here

Some questions can be unique to a healthy food franchise. For instance, Juice It Up! customers are often looking for specific macros from a juice or smoothie, and they may want more information about ingredients or nutritional values.

Our in-house Research and Development team carefully crafts our menu offerings for nutritional value as well as taste, and we provide information down to the last detail to our franchise owners, who pass that along to their customers.

“Everything we provide on our menu, you ask me what’s in it, how many calories, how much sugar, I can tell you,” Arora says. “That’s the ground-level work that I could not have personally achieved if I’d started a business on my own. I would have made tasty drinks without knowing if it’s so many calories. Everything that’s organized at that higher level is through corporate, and that’s one of the many benefits of owning a juice and smoothie franchise with Juice It Up!”

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