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3 Ways Juice It Up! Stands out Among Food Franchises

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Business model, lifestyle makes our juice and smoothie franchise a better bargain than other food concepts

Almost everyone enjoys a good burger, but not every entrepreneur has the financial wherewithal or operational experience to run a full-on restaurant business. Fortunately, it is possible to build simplicity into the business plan of a food franchise. In the case of Juice It Up!, you can gain entry into the lucrative segment of food franchising with some significant advantages.

We’ve been in business since 1995, and we’ve been franchising since 1998. We were a pioneer in the açaí bowl business as well as the smoothie and juice business, and we’ve gained some significant brand recognition among our Southern California base and the other Western states we serve. The industry is booming, and if you’re passionate about healthy lifestyles and helping improve your community, Juice It Up! could be the right franchise for you.

3 reasons to choose Juice It Up!

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Operational simplicity. No fryers, no grills and no complicated recipes. Those factors alone give us an edge over even the most pared-down burger concepts. Maybe you didn’t know you could be successful with a vegetarian food franchise like Juice It Up!, but the business’s simplicity makes it easier to stay on top of inventory, and hire and train employees. With fewer operational elements to focus on, you can work harder on marketing and building your business.

Lifestyle alignment. CEO Chris Braun is a longtime juicing enthusiast. R&D Food Scientist Noah Burgess grew up surfing in Hawaii with tropical fruit trees in his backyard. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Everyone on our corporate team and all of our franchisees are passionate about creating healthier lifestyles for themselves and others. Juice It Up! is a franchise you can feel good about operating in any community.

Low startup costs. Should we have listed this first? Perhaps. The fact is, our juice bar startup costs are considerably lower than you typically find at fast casual and even fast food franchises, which can run upwards of $750,000 and often into the millions. Our initial investment ranges from $227,400 and $399,185, making Juice It Up! a more accessible food franchise than many.

Learn more about Juice It Up!

If you’ve been looking for a healthy juice, smoothie, or bowl franchise to invest in, and would like to learn more about Juice It Up!, please fill out our contact form.