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Orange Juice-Based Drinks Do Much More Than Simply Boost Immunity and Help You Look Great


Juice It Up! reminds you that Vitamin C is a critical element that is not naturally produced by humans. When we drink the equivalent of two glasses of orange juice per day great things start to happen. We enjoy an immediate immunity boost, fight free radicals and inflammation, detox our bodies and ensure that we look younger.

To make your daily dose of C as delicious as it gets, try a Juice It Up! Pitaya Sunset smoothie that marries orange juice with passion fruit, organic pitaya, pineapple and non-fat yogurt. For those into raw juices, we suggest the Invigorator that melds orange with pineapple, orange, kale and spinach. If you like your OJ straight up, you always have that option.

pitaya sunset smoothie

We could get into the benefit of the rest of the ingredients in our Pitaya Sunset and Invigorator beverages, but as we’re in the midst of flu season and the holidays where we might be wearing ourselves a bit thin, we remind you that drinks with orange juice at their base will help you stay healthy.

Products rich in Vitamin C also help prevent cancer and support internal functions such as liver health, blood circulation, weight-loss, help reduce high blood pressure, prevent kidney stones and other benefits.

Oranges are universally acknowledged for their healing properties. Before the validation of food science, even our grandmothers knew that the best way to treat a cold or fortify immunity was with a good dose of fresh orange juice, a primary component the Juice It Up! Pitaya Sunset smoothing and Invigorator raw juice served by a Juice It Up! location near you.

Another benefit of consuming orange-based foods is their density of ascorbic acid, a collagen component that helps repair cells and promotes new tissue growth, delaying premature aging. If you really want a youth boost, Juice It Up! also offers a 35-calorie collagen boost by Vital Proteins that supports skin, hair and nail health.

The Vitamin A content in orange-based foods also helps in detoxification and supports healthy kidneys and eye health.

invigorator juice

Oranges and other citrus fruits are at the top of the list of anti-inflammatory agents and promote heart health. Many of us still consume high-calorie, high-fat or sugary foods on-the-go when there’s little time of accessibility to healthier alternatives. To combat this, it is a good idea to address inflammation as often as possible. Orange juice and citrus products also promote effective digestion while its folates safeguard against free radical damage and promote full-throttle body capacity, improved oxygenation, a better functioning digestive system and healthier blood pressure levels.

For those considering healthier lifestyle changes, replacing a meal with a Juice It Up! smoothie, bowl or juice is always a wise choice and with over 80 stores in operation, there is the high likelihood that you willfind a Juice It Up! venue in your neighborhood.

For athletes and others who may need help with pain and stiffness, the flavonoids in orange juice-based menu items will contribute to natural pain alleviation while the diuretic properties of orange juice regulate sugar in the body, beneficial to weight loss and diabetes control.

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