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Holiday Recovery Quick Fix: The Detoxifier


Juice It Up! knows that with a New Year comes the desire for a New You. We’re right there with you. In our quest to promote healthier living, we have formulated an arsenal of lean and nutritious juices, bowls and smoothies.

By January 1st most of us have packed on a handful of extra pounds and may be facing the New Year somewhat foggy-headed, dehydrated and ready for change. Step one is detox. Juice It Up! created The Detoxifier specifically for this purpose.

The Detoxifier started off as a really, really green drink — maybe a bit too organicky for some. Recently, it was reformulated to taste better as it reboots your personal operating system, the gut. New ingredients include cucumber, red grapes, pineapple, spinach, lemon, and ginger.

From our nutritionist: The new Juice It Up! Detoxifier

“Each ingredient works to compliment the crisp flavor profile while creating a blend of vitamins and minerals essential to gut health. Blending of elements is highly science-based. For instance, combining pineapple and lemon which are high in vitamin C ensures that the oxalic acid from spinach is not bound to iron that would have otherwise been lost ,” claims Food Scientist, Noah Burgess.

He reminds that nutrition-dense, green-based juices are a better alternative over artificially sweetened or carbonated beverages. He advises that even skipping one soda at lunch or milk at breakfast and opting for a tastier and more nutritionally viable option, will promote health in the long run.

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Post-holiday Recovery Quick Fix

For the fitness minded, the Juice It Up! Detoxifier is the perfect pre-workout drink to help energize the body in preparation for pumping iron or running through a cardio routine. None of us are exempt from the aftermath of a long weekend where we might have imbibed a bit more than we had planned.

Many of you are nodding your heads while reading this. Yes, we, too have sworn we’d never do this again, invariably, we do. Juice it Up’s Detoxifier is the perfect day-after recovery solution. Imagine the deliciously chilled drink doing its magic. Whether your intended use of the Juice It Up! Detoxifier is strictly for restorative purposes or general intestinal maintenance, know that you can drink it every or any day to enjoy the benefits of a clean, flushed-out gut and nutritionally restored system.

The Importance of Gut Heath

A healthy gut is essential to overall physical happiness. The gut is the gateway to the digestive tract. By drinking the Juice it Up! Detoxifier customers may notice a positive change in mental balance, improved skin and better general physical health.

“The fresh fruits and veggies in the Juice It Up! Detoxifier provide an optimal blend of nutrients that attach themselves to toxins in your gut. This process allows all good nourishing stuff to enter the digestive tract while hindering the bad. Ingredients such as ginger give a tang while fighting inflammation and nausea,” Noah advocates.

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