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Juice It Up! franchise marketing support gives franchisees an advantage over indie juice and smoothie bars

From the beginning, franchise owner Amar Patel knew he could count on help from Juice It Up!’s Marketing Department. The fact that he continues to rely on them long after the grand opening of his Chino, CA, store is just part of the benefit of being a Juice It Up! franchisee.

“There are so many benefits of going with a franchisor like Juice It Up! as opposed to going out on your own with a mom-and-pop store,” Patel says. “You have someone doing the R&D, someone initiating all the marketing efforts. You don’t have to worry about that as much in a franchise network. Plus, from day one, you open your store, you have that immediate brand recognition. You have a customer base day one without having to do any work for it. You buy into that established presence, which I definitely liked.”

Amar Patel

Juice It Up! offers a number of advantages you wouldn’t have as an independent entrepreneur starting a juice bar, and marketing is a key piece of that puzzle. Our dedicated marketing experts understand what it takes to attract, retain and grow your customer base, and they’ll help you plot out the right strategy for your locations.

“We have conversations with our franchisees on a daily basis leading up to their grand opening to see what their needs are, what gaps we can help them fill from a corporate standpoint,” says Shauna Parisi, Marketing Director of Juice It Up! “We also put them in touch with a social media guru that we have here at corporate. We do a lot of things like that from the very beginning.”

Franchising experts boost your store marketing

When you’re in business for yourself, half the battle is marketing. In independent businesses, owners may spend long hours figuring out the right strategy that clicks with their demographic, tracking down the materials they need and figuring out the best ways to execute their plans.

pumpkin pleaser smoothie and bowl

But when the first flush of excitement over a new business opening transitions into the daily routine of running a business, our experts continue to work closely with our owners, prioritizing Juice It Up! franchise marketing support throughout the life of the business. We help with strategy, results tracking and easily accessible assets to help you promote your store. From catering to local schools and businesses to building a Facebook presence, our franchisees benefit from best practices we’ve honed during our 22 years in business.

“As time goes on and they get the kinks out of running and working their store, and figuring out what they need,” Parisi says, “they learn to take care of their social and digital marketing needs on a more local, targeted level. Our social media marketer helps them with those strategies.”

Seasonal LTOs can drive guest traffic

Fewer things are more exciting than a change in seasons, whether you live in California or the East Coast. We take advantage of that with Limited Time Offers (LTOs), menu items designed to make the most of seasonal flavors and reinvigorate customer interest as well as draw in new people.

One big hit for fall with Juice It Up! is our Pumpkin Pleaser smoothies and bowls. The Pumpkin Pleaser Smoothie is made with soy milk, non-fat frozen yogurt, fresh banana and pumpkin pie spice mix. The Pumpkin Pleaser Smoothie Bowl adds toppings of organic pumpkin flax granola, graham cracker crumbs, whipped cream, a cinnamon stick and a graham cracker.

These menu items are an excellent source of calcium, vitamin A, fiber and iron and are also low in cholesterol and saturated fat. They show up on the menu each fall as an LTO, bringing back brand fans and attracting new guests into the mix.

“Juice It Up! fans always tell us to ‘bring back the pumpkin,’ so we listen,” Parisi says. “Our Pumpkin Pleaser Bowl is a healthy holiday option that will satisfy even the most indulgent of cravings, but with fewer calories and less sugar compared to other seasonal offerings that saturate our market. It’s no secret that pumpkin anything is a seasonal favorite, but we pride ourselves on having created a healthier twist on it with our new Pumpkin Pleaser Smoothie and Pumpkin Pleaser Smoothie Bowl!”

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