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Juice It Up! vs. I Love Juice Bar


Compare two of the best juice franchises side by side

If you’re considering getting into the juice bar business, part of your due diligence should be comparing brands side by side. Sometimes the numbers alone tell the story. Other times, you have to consider intangibles like corporate culture and how well the business model fits in with your personal goals.

Frankly, even when all the numbers tip in favor of one brand, when you’re trying to find the best juice franchise you should be looking beyond numbers. We took a look at our own brand as well as up-and-comer I Love Juice Bar to make your research a little easier. Here’s a look at Juice It Up! vs. I Love Juice Bar:

Juice It Up!I Love Juice Bar
LocationsNearly 100Under 45
Years franchising192
Initial investment$216,400 to $378,300$172,860 to $302,805
Net worth$300,000$300,000
Franchising fee$25,000$25,000

Differences that mattergreen juice

Juice It Up! and I Love Juice Bar juice franchises are similar in many ways. Both are privately owned and fairly small but growing operations, meaning franchisees are likely to have easier access to the leadership team. Many of the numbers are similar, although our initial startup costs are slightly higher and our minimum liquidity requirement is, too, which reflects our decades of experience. As you can see, we’ve been in franchising about 10 times longer than I Love Juice Bar, and we have about twice as many locations.

What that means for you is that more investigation is called for. We’d love to talk with you about the territory availability as we grow into Florida, Texas, the Southeast and other areas across the country. We’d like to explain how our Irvine, CA-based juice bar franchise creates a supportive environment where our franchisees can share their passion for healthy living with their communities. We want to show you how we can help you can achieve your business and lifestyle goals with Juice It Up!

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