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Juice It Up! Explains the Science Behind Our Smoothies


Our healthy juice and smoothie franchise packs a lot of nutrients into every cup, so our products are not just good-tasting, they’re good for you

When it comes to the nutrition values in a smoothie or juice, there’s no need to Google. Just turn to Noah Burgess, the Research and Development Food Scientist for our juice and smoothie bar franchise. He’s a walking encyclopedia — or search engine — of physiology and the science behind what we put in our bodies.

And while our products have a reputation for being delicious (which they are), they can also be quite good for you. Burgess makes sure everything that goes into every smoothie, juice or bowl goes in for reasons beyond great taste. He likes pineapple because the bromelain enzyme helps you absorb protein while you’re working out; açaí berry because of the rich antioxidants and healthy omega fatty acids.

bowls on assembly line

“A lot of these ingredients I work with were in my backyard,” says Burgess, who grew up in Hawaii. “I’ve lived and breathed food and health and nutrition my whole life.”

Burgess makes sure the nutritional information is provided to our franchise locations, so when guests have questions, franchise owners know just how to answer.

“One of the benefits I saw with opening a Juice It Up! franchise as opposed to opening a juice and smoothie business on my own was the recipes themselves,” says Brooklynn Lorenzen, who owns the Juice It Up! smoothie franchise in Hillsboro, OR. “Our food scientist, Noah, is awesome. I hit him up for nutritional info anytime I need to.

“I want to be able to answer the questions about nutrition we have from customers, and I don’t want to mislead them.”

Who’s drinking smoothies and juices

When Juice It Up! first started in Southern California in 1995, we were all about the smoothie. Over the years we’ve focused more and more on raw juicing because of the nutrition it provides and because consumers are increasingly demanding portable, nutritious meal replacement options. People love our juices and they’re big sellers, particularly in the winter months.

But it’s worth noting that smoothies, our original product, comprise an estimated 50%-80% of our sales, Burgess says. “We’re starting to see a lot of consumers, especially with Millennials and the younger demographic, gravitate toward superfruit and smoothie bowls.

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“We’re also seeing them add more protein. We provide two smoothie options, a Protein Blast and The Zone, and they can also add whey and soy protein,” he says.

Hamilton Beach notes that Millennials in particular are aware of the nutrition boost they can get from incorporating smoothies into a regular diet. “Boomer-aged consumers choose smoothies because they’re refreshing and because they’re better than soda or sugary drinks, according to Mintel,” Hamilton Beachreports. “However, they still perceive smoothies as unhealthy. This age group isn’t as aware of the potential nutritional benefits of smoothies, such as vitamins, nutrients and fiber content.”

As more consumers become aware of the health benefits of smoothies, our franchisees will have increasing opportunities to maximize their revenue potential. That’s something we can all raise a smoothie cup to.

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