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Catering Is the Secret to an Increased Bottom Line


Juice franchise owners benefit from offering catering to the community

catering with juice it up

Having more than one product line or line of revenue makes sense in the juice franchise business, or any franchise business, really. In the case of Juice It Up!, it helps us quickly respond to market demands when trends shift.

We started our venture in Southern California in 1995, and at the time we were much more of a smoothie bar. Today, we celebrate our line of made-to-order products, which includes fresh-squeezed functional raw juices, cold-pressed organic bottled juices, blended-to-order real fruit and veggie smoothies and nutrient-rich bowls loaded with superfruits açaí and pitaya. With the recently-introduced smoothie bowls, as well as an expanded focus on the bowl category, guests can transform their favorite Classic and Veggie Smoothies into a nourishing meal replacement, topped with fresh bananas, granola and a drizzle of honey. To supercharge any bowl or smoothie, Juice It Up! offers a “Make it Green” option by blending in raw kale and spinach to add an extra dose of fiber, vitamins and minerals, as well as the new option of topping their bowl with a variety of over a dozen ingredients, further capitalizing on the customization trend that has been spreading throughout the restaurant industry

But one of the biggest boons to our multiple product line approach is the catering service we provide at our stores. As many of our franchisees can attest to, catering can be more than just a sideline that provides extra revenue. It can become a mainstay of your franchise.

“It’s a big part of our business. Some days I can do more sales in catering than in-store,” says Vishal Sharma, who owns a location in Tustin, CA. “The way I look at it, I look at the catering business as a second business. It’s a second business within a business. I manage them both differently.”

Outreach to schools
local athletics team

Many Juice It Up! franchisees find a lot of opportunity to provide catering to schools and school functions, which offers them a chance to promote healthy lifestyles to young people. Part of our corporate philosophy is that we care about the communities we serve, and catering is a way for us to express that.

In addition to our for-profit functions, catering can also be donated to help out with school fundraisers and other nonprofit events such as triathlons, festivals and health fairs. Juice It Up! provides refreshing, energizing smoothies and juices to participants, and franchisees get a chance to spread the word about their healthy lifestyle business.

“We do a lot of fundraisers in our store, outside at schools and for local charities,” Sharma says. “We also do catering for local businesses, birthday celebrations and things of that nature. We also cater on a contracted basis with the school district. We cater to Irvine and Costa Mesa and Newport Beach schools five days a week. That’s our biggest catering client.”

It’s a way to get noticed in your community, get the word out and help generate brand loyalty.

local athletics and juice it up

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